About us


My name is Emrah also know as DJ MG or Lil MuG X.I have been DJ’ing more than 30 years. Within this time, I had tonnes of happy customer which is my most important motivation in the business since I really love making people happy. I’m really in the music not only as a DJ but as a good listener too. I also make my own beats and sing. For me communication is a crucial part of my job. Before playing in any event, I first try to learn what the customer and audience would like to hear. I prepare all my playlist based on the interests.


Which genres do I play?

As a professional, I don’t have a preferred genre. I play anything my customer would like to hear. Top40, EDM, Rap/HipHop, 80’s, 90’s, oldies, Rock/Metal, Country, Blues/Jazz, RNB, Disco/Funk, Latin, Bollywood, Middle Eastern Music( Turkish, Arabic, Persian and Kurdish ). I have different playlists for different genres.

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